High Schools
Campbell County Comprehensive High School
Jellico High School

  Middle Schools
Jacksboro Middle School
LaFollette Middle School

Elementary Education
Caryville Elementary
Elk Valley Elementary
Jacksboro Elementary
Jellico Elementary
LaFollette Elementary
Valley View Elementary
White Oak Elementary
Wynn Habersham Elementary

Alternative Education
Learning Academy at East LaFollette School

Campbell County Director of Schools
Larry Nidiffer

Office:  (423) 562-8377  Fax:  (423) 566-7562

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Campbell County Comprehensive High

Jamie Wheeler 562-8308 566-2019 Sherry Brown

Jellico High

Dr. Donna Singley 784-9455 784-9456 Angie Douglas-Musick

Jacksboro Middle

Jennifer Fields 562-3773 562-8994 Debbie Farmer

LaFollette Middle

Joey St John 562-8448 562-2107 Rikkina Rains

Caryville Elementary

Lori Adkins 562-2687 566-8918 Geneva  Perkins

Elk Valley Elementary

Nancy Lay 784-6866 784-5826 Melissa Alsip

Jacksboro Elementary

Joan Crutchfield 562-7433 566-8957 Carlene Lawson

Jellico Elementary

Debra Loveday 784-6565 784-8196 Courtney Vinsant

LaFollette Elementary

Meredith Arnold 562-3439 566-3432 Edna Blackwell

Valley View Elementary

Jason Dotson 562-5278 562-8098 Judy Baird

White Oak Elementary

Mike Miller 784-6051 784-9386 Mike Miller

Wynn Habersham

Bob Walden 784-9482 784-9380 Janice Ford

Learning Academy at East LaFollette

Sandi Wilson 865-776-9952   Sandi Wilson