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Campbell County Schools
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Campbell County Schools Mission Statement

In partnership with the community, the mission of Campbell County Schools is to prepare all students for meaningful citizenship in an ever-changing society, by offering a quality, comprehensive education dedicated to building a foundation for lifelong learning while helping students achieve their maximum potential.


We believe all students can learn and must take an active and responsible role in the learning process.

We believe that a safe and secure school climate is essential to maintaining high academic standards.

We believe that maintaining an environment of high standards of discipline, conduct, and mutual respect is essential to building strong character and supporting student achievement.

We believe in offering a comprehensive curriculum, which fosters academic excellence in preparing students for graduation, military service, post-secondary education, and a career in the global economy of a culturally diverse society.

We believe that student achievement depends on high academic standards and equality of educational opportunities.

We believe that all stakeholders share a responsibility for preparing students for the workplace in the global twenty-first century through the use of technology, reading strategies, critical and analytical thinking, problem solving and teamwork.

We believe in promoting an active awareness and appreciation of the fine arts and the media in order to prepare students to make meaningful use of their leisure time in a culturally rich society.

We believe that a commitment to continuous improvement must exist among learners and all stakeholders in order to achieve and maintain standards of excellence.