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Welcome to the Campbell County 

Curriculum & Assessment Department
for TN Curriculum Standards

Tammie Lay - Curriculum & Assessment Coordinator

  Please contact the Curriculum  & Assessment Department

 (423-562-8377, ext. 1122) for additional information


ARSI is a K-14 educational program that reaches 66 economically disadvantaged counties in KY, NC, OH, VA, W VA, and TN.  The initiative is beginning itís sixth year with a purpose of helping all students in targeted counties reach their peak in science, mathematics and technology, by strengthening the knowledge and skills of local teachers.

ARSI is a federally funded project sponsored by the National Science Foundation.  ARSIís goals are to:

1.       To strengthen the knowledge and skill of teachers in grades K-12 so they can teach math and science more effectively

2.       To establish a timely and coordinated system for helping schools enhance their capacity to deliver activities, standards based teaching and learning environments on a long-term basis.

3.       Build regional partnerships, local leadership and local community involvement and support for long-term educational projects.

Campbell County is in the process of mapping our curriculum to meet the national standards in math and science.  As the teacher partner I am working toward helping to make teachers more aware of the standards, instructional methods and materials which will meet the benchmarks for these new standards as well as our state frameworks.


ARSI Teacher Partner

LaFollettte Middle School

(423) 562-8448 or (423) 562-3207

The function of the Evaluation and Assessment Division is to implement the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) which includes state mandated, student assessment programs. This office provides assistance to schools and systems concerning state tests, testing schedules and procedures, and the appropriate use of state assessment results for the improvement of classroom instruction and student achievement in grades K-12.

The TCAP currently includes the elementary achievement test (Achievement Test), the Writing Test, the Competency Test, the Gateway Tests and the End ofCourse Tests.

The Evaluation and Assessment Division no longer administers the Nurse Aide Test (NAT). This test is the way by which successful test-takers become certified as Nurse Aides and qualify for employment in health care facilities. The NAT program is sponsored by the Department of Health Related Boards. For additional information regarding the Nurse Aide Program, contact the Department of Health at 615/532-5171 or 615/532-7841.

Ben Brown, Ph.D., Executive Director. Phone: (615) 532-4770, E-mail:

Karen Jenkins, Director. Phone: (615) 532-3027, E-mail:

Freddie Summers, Assistant Director for Processing. Phone: (615) 532-1249, E-mail:

Christy Elliott, Contracts Coordinator. Phone: (615) 532-9754, E-mail:

Deborah Malone, Communications Coordinator. Phone: (615) 532-9746, E-mail:

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